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Worship and our Church Community

Brindle St James’ is a Church Of England School in which Christian teaching and values are at the centre of our daily lives. Our core values of love, trust and forgiveness underpin all that we do and are almost tangible within the warm and loving family atmosphere.

Worship is at the very heart of daily life in our school, with the children playing an active role. The WABS (Worship at Brindle group), meet weekly with Reverend Margaret to write prayers, and plan the content for assemblies. Worship is frequently led by Reverend David Ward, Sam Nicol and Bishop Philip is a regular guest.  

For us, worship is a quiet moment in a busy day, when the whole school comes together as a family to focus on God, and collectively feel, listen to, experience, celebrate and share the heartbeat. At Brindle St. James’ worship is prayerful and reflective; it is creative with music, drama, dance and storytelling. Pupils focus on Christian values, looking at what they mean and how they can demonstrate these.  They are encouraged to follow these values and learn to recognise their importance in everyday life.  It is hoped that this will then enable them to move forward on life’s journey, both as individuals and as members of the community.

As well as connecting our worship to the life and experiences of the children, we connect the children to the worship of the church and are fortunate to have strong links with our parish church, where we attend and participate in services each term.