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Friday after school sports

Friday After School Sports Club - Free

Invasion Games 3:30pm - 4:30pm


Please complete this form with your child's name and year group to request a place for them to attend the after school sports club. This club is available to children in all year groups. 


There is a maximum of 16 children permitted to attend on a first come first basis by returning this form. You will be notified either way if your child does or does not receive a place.  Please only book a place for your child if they are able to attend most sessions.


Children in class 1 will change at school into their PE kit. Class 2 and 3 will already be in their PE kits and therefore will not need to get changed. These sessions may be held outdoors. Please do not enter the playground until 4:25 pm to collect your child at the class 1 door if the session is being held on the playground. 


Sessions are lead by a qualified coach from Chorley School Sports Partnership who also works in school during the day and is familiar with the children. 


The club will commence on Friday 14th June with the last session on Friday 19th July.

Invasion Games: Summer 2