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The Wriggly Nativity

Road Safety

Reception using clay to make Diva lamps for Diwali

Autumn 2: Fire, Fire. Re-enacting The Great Fire of London to start off our history topic.

Owl drawing and sculpting for Year 1&2. Penguin drawing for Reception after observing their features at the zoo.

A visit from Evie’s ponies to see how they are cared for as part of our animal topic.

In RE and Science we have been learning all about new life, observing plants and animals and seeing how they change as they grow. Oscar is a fabulous farmer and with the help of his Mum and Dad he was able to bring in his newly born lambs. The children were able to give them one of their 4 daily feeds.

When the lambs came to visit us.

We were very excited to re-open school to all children. It was our priority to ensure that the children were eased back into the classroom and that they were given many opportunities to re-build relationships, learn the rules and routines of the classroom, be supported emotionally and fully enjoy being back at school learning. 
We looked at many aspects of science out on the field, whittled sticks to create tipi’s and habitats for our woodland animals. We spent time within groups talking about our emotions and how we felt being back in school. The children used design and technology skills to prepare a pizza using safe cutting skills and thinking about where the food had come from. The children worked together to problem solve when building dens and creating tracks to enable a ball to travel across the tunnels.

2nd October 2020

We have been learning all about The Jolly Postman in class, from reading letters he’s delivered, taking on the role of characters in the story and creating our very own post office. 
Alongside this, a space ship crashed in our outdoor area! Alan the Alien has difficultly communicating with us but he has a special computer that is able to send us letters. Whilst he awaits his rescue, he wants to learn all about Earth and most importantly Brindle! The children have been working hard to provide information for Alan to make the most of his unexpected visit. He’s read our guide to earth and was pleased that we could tell him our school address so that we could inform his family back in Mars if his whereabouts.
Whilst we have been researching Brindle, we came across some very old pictures from Brindle in the past. These have been very interesting to look at and compare to Brindle now. We explored some maps and recognised that there are much more houses and roads that there were in the past compared to now including a gargantuan motorway. 
We finished off this week with a walk up Water Street, spotting the modern and updated buildings and in role as The Jolly Postman. When we returned back to school, we created fabulous story maps. We can’t wait to create our own version of The Jolly Postman! Watch this space... publishers in the making! 

News Update 18/9/2020

What a fantastic few weeks we have had back in school. We have welcomed our new Reception children and the Year ones and two's have settled back into the school routine so well. They were so pleased to be able to spend time with their friends again.

We have really enjoyed coming together as a class community, recognising our place in the wider universe, caring for ourselves, other people and other living things. We have done this through the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

In maths the Year 1 and 2 children have been working hard adding two numbers by counting on and adding and subtracting in 10's. We have also been working hard to form our numbers the correct way.

We have been digging in our garden and collecting all of the potatoes and carrots that have grown. Mrs Baldwin cooked them for us so we could have a taste and they were delicious.