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Early Years Foundation Stage Phonics

Phonics in the Early Years Foundation Stage



Children in Reception will have a phonics lesson each day. Within a phonics lesson the children will look at letters or groups of letters and learn about the sounds they can make in a word. They will then apply this to

  • their reading by saying the sound in each word and blending them together to say the word
  • their writing by segmenting a word up into its individual phonemes (sounds) and writing them down

Children will also learn to read and then write the first 100 high frequency words and following this they will move onto the next 200.


At Brindle St James we have a strong emphasis on quality teaching in phonics and it is seen as one of the key foundations for childrens learning to develop. We approach phonic in a fun and interactive way to inspire and enthuse the children.


You will find a lot of quality information on the internet about phonics which you will find useful when supporting your child at home, however please note that some sites may be from other countires such as America and they may pronouce phonemes in a different way to the UK. This also applies to local accents. We will always encourage the children to pronouce phonemes in their own accent as this is what makes them unique and individual.


Phonics will continue throughout Key stage One (year 1 and 2) and will progressively get more complex. Click on the Key Stage one link to find out more.


Click on the Useful Links option to the left to view some phonic websites you may find useful!