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Primary PE and Sport Premium 2016/17

Primary PE and Sport Premium 2016/17

In 2016/17, we received £16,560 to continue develop PE and Sport in our school.

We intend to continue the improvements made in previous years by:

  • HLTA CPD in Level 5 certificate in primary school physical education specialism – sports leaders UK - £1906
  • Continue our membership of South Ribble School Sport Partnership (SRSSP) £3050, in order to work alongside specialist coaches and receive further support in the development of PE and Sport in our school, building upon skills learnt last year e.g. orienteering, netball, tennis, cricket and hockey.
  • Purchasing PE equipment £670
  • Subsidising clubs that occur a cost -£1948
  • Continue the provision of extra-curricular sports and competitions
  • Continue in the participation of inter-school competitions
  • Funding transport to and from competitions and events £431
  • Working towards achieving the School Games Gold Award
  • Participating and building relationships with outside sports clubs to promote greater pupil participation in sports away from school

2016/17 Impact - Autum / spring term to date

Key Indicator

What we have implemented

Outcomes and Impact

Engaging ALL Pupils in Physical Activity- Kick-starting healthy lifestyles

-Active playground activities for reception to year 6


-Friendly matches in both Netball and Football, to allow all children to take part in a form of competition.


-Healthy Eating policy regularly monitored and newsletter’s prompting healthy dinners and snacks.





-Active club opportunities for least active children, provides a sense of well-being and changes perception of active lifestyle- all children have participated in in extracurricular sports activities.

-Fitter children, improved concentration, sense of achievement

-Older children working with younger pupils- developing life skills. Developing sense of responsibility.

-An awareness towards healthy eating as well as regular exercise

Raising the profile of PE and Sport (as a tool for whole school improvement)

-Achieved Silver SG Mark

-Sports Council

-Encouraged resilience and sportsmanship through dedicated wall displays.

-Introduced sports reporters

-Developed role and profile of PE subject leader.

-PE notice board

-Sports Council trained to deliver games during break times.

-More equipment for play times

-Warm up leaders incorporated prior to PE lesson (children from KS2)

-Celebrating achievements in sport

Showing progress from previous year

-Pupils’ role in supporting sport and PE

-Focus on sportsmanship and regular awards – positive effect on resilience

-Updates for all staff

-Staff focused on key areas increasing ownership and impact

-Sports Council take more onus toward PE equipment

-Children enjoy peers taking a role in the warm up and participation in PE.

Developing confidence, knowledge and skills of staff in PE

-Trained PE subject leader through: Level 5 certificate in Primary School  Physical Education Specialism Sports Leaders UK

List CPD

-Use specialist coaches to work alongside class teachers in Orienteering and Netball

-Increase of specialised coaching in school. (Archery, cricket, tennis, OAA, and much more)

-Specialist teaching , in both physical and emotional development to PE


-Specialised coaching in subjects providing core knowledge and skills.


-More variety of sports taught, providing a more in depth knowledge for children in a variety of sports

Broadening offer of sports activities

-Increased offer by including opportunities in afterschool sports -clubs subsidised by school.

-Afterschool sports club taught by school HLTA trained in all areas of PE

-Engaging more pupils



-Increase in children taking part in sporting activities

Increasing participation in competitive sport

-Introduced whole school inter-house games day

-Attend more  level 3 events organised under the Sainsbury’s School Games (Blackburn Rovers)

-Attended KS 1 and KS2 events and sports games organised by SSP

-Sports council organise and run an event for the whole school to partake in (including KS1)

-Children show more confidence and resilience during competitive sport

-All children take part in at least 1 sporting event in each year group