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A school family rooted in God’s love

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Worship and our Church Community

Brindle St James’ is a Church Of England School in which Christian teaching and values are at the centre of our daily lives. Our core values of generosity, independence, gratitude, friendship and love underpin all that we do and are almost tangible within the warm and loving family atmosphere.

Worship is at the very heart of daily life in our school, with the children playing an active role. The WABS (Worship at Brindle group), meet weekly with Sam Nicol from Brindle St James' Church to write prayers, and plan the content for assemblies. Worship is frequently led by Reverend Jon Price, Sam Nicol and Bishop Philip is a regular guest.  

For us, worship is a quiet moment in a busy day, when the school comes together as a family to focus on God, and collectively feel, listen to, experience, celebrate and share the heartbeat. At Brindle St. James’ worship is prayerful and reflective; it is creative with music, drama, dance and storytelling. Pupils focus on Christian values, looking at what they mean and how they can demonstrate these.  They are encouraged to follow these values and learn to recognise their importance in everyday life.  It is hoped that this will then enable them to move forward on life’s journey, both as individuals and as members of the community.

As well as connecting our worship to the life and experiences of the children, we connect the children to the worship of the church and are fortunate to have strong links with our parish church, where we attend and participate in services each term. 

What it means to be a Church of England School

Brindle St James’ CE Primary School, a cherished member of the Church of England family within the Diocese of Blackburn. As a beacon of faith, learning, and community, the school is committed to providing a transformative and holistic educational experience.


The Church of England's involvement in education dates back to 1811 when Joshua Watson established it as a gift to the nation. This historical commitment to education has been upheld through the years, with notable figures like Bishop Herbert in the Diocese of Blackburn playing a crucial role in preserving church schools. Bishop Herbert's efforts were instrumental in safeguarding the educational institutions within the diocese.  Moreover, the legal requirement for these schools to teach according to the tenets of the Christian faith and to provide Christian worship is often derived from Trust Deeds, where trustees, commonly comprising members of the Board of Education or local vicars and Churchwardens, oversee their governance and operations.


Being a part of the Church school family at Brindle St James’ CE Primary School means joining a community that cherishes each individual as a unique creation, fostering a sense of belonging rooted in Christian principles. Our school proudly embraces the rich heritage and traditions of the Church of England, creating an inclusive and nurturing environment where students, staff, and families thrive together. 


What distinguishes a Church school is the unique ethos woven into every facet of our educational journey. Guided by a shared commitment to the values of love, compassion, and respect, we exemplify the teachings of Christ in our daily lives. At Brindle St James’ CE Primary School, we aspire to inspire children and young people, nurturing their spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth.

The Church of England school’s respects and acknowledge other faiths too, encouraging dialogue and we will discuss in assemblies other faith celebrations such as Eid and Hannukah, during designated times.



Central to our ethos is the practice of worship, a cornerstone of our daily routine. Our worship sessions reflect the Christian character of our school, drawing inspiration primarily from the Bible and teachings predominantly derive from the Christian tradition. Through worship, we aim to nurture a deep sense of spiritual connection and understanding among our students, guiding them on a journey of faith and reflection.


Religious Education

In line with our dedication to holistic education, RE plays a pivotal role in shaping our students' understanding of faith and spirituality. Our curriculum, Questful, is rooted in Christian values while also incorporating teachings from other world faiths. Through Questful, students engage in meaningful discussions and explorations of religious principles, fostering an appreciation for diversity and inclusivity. Our approach to RE reflects our belief in the importance of understanding and respecting different beliefs and cultures, cultivating open-mindedness and empathy among our students.



Leadership at Brindle St James’ CE Primary School, is deeply intertwined with our Christian ethos. When we appoint the Headteacher we require a faith reference for the job, we prioritise individuals who embody the values and principles that underpin our school community. Our Governors, predominantly Foundation Governors, play a crucial role in upholding the Christian foundation of our school. These dedicated individuals champion our mission and vision, ensuring that the Christian ethos remains at the heart of all our endeavours. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment ensures that our school continues to thrive as a beacon of faith, learning, and community.  In Voluntary Aided schools the number of foundation governors on the governing board is majority of two and in Voluntary Controlled schools there must be clear foundation representation.  Meetings of governors will commit to prayer for the school community and business.


Aligned with the Church of England's vision for education, our schools seek to provide an outstanding educational experience that empowers students to flourish and make positive contributions to society. We believe in the transformative power of education that not only imparts knowledge but also instils character, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

The Diocese of Blackburn's vision, echoing the broader Church of England vision, places a special emphasis on inspiring children and young people. Our commitment is to provide an educational experience that transcends academic achievement to encompass spiritual and personal development.

Choosing Brindle St James’ CE Primary School, means choosing an educational community where faith and learning coexist harmoniously. It means embracing a vision that prioritises the well-being of every individual and instils a lifelong love for learning and service to others. 

We invite you to embark on this enriching journey with us, where education is a transformative force, and each student is recognized as a cherished member of our Church school family.