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We want our children understand and appreciate that, just like our physical health, we all have mental health. At school we aim to help children recognise that we all respond to experiences with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  


It is important too that children understand how there can be changes in their bodies which are connected to their feelings and thoughts – for example, just as in PE, when our heart beats very quickly after we have been running, the same is true when we are nervous or scared.


By helping children with these concepts and getting them to think about how feelings and thoughts are linked to behaviour, we can then explain how a combination of all these elements affects our mental health.


It is important that children recognise that there might be days when we feel sad or we struggle and other days when we feel confident and calm.


At school we have many ways in which we aim to support children’s wellbeing.  Each class has a weekly wellbeing lesson using My Happy Mind. This is a proactive approach to support children's mental wellbeing. For children who are experiencing a specific difficulty, we have a wellbeing club and focuses on topics specific to the children such as dealing with bereavement, parent separation and other issues. Some of these opportunities include: circle times; PSHE lessons; worry boxes where children can post a thought or worry anonymously or named so a member of staff can come a talk to them; visits from NSPCC and nurture groups. 


We have been awarded the Bronze My Happy Mind award for the support we provide to our children. 

There are a number of websites which are available to support parents with their child’s wellbeing.  You will find links to some of these below. 


If you are concerned about your child’s mental health and wellbeing, please do come a speak to their class teacher, so we can offer support.