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Like many families, you might be using technology more at the moment, to work, talkand play – and that’s great! Be Internet Legends teaches children how to look after their ‘digital wellbeing’ at the same time. Google have put together this Legendary Learner Wellbeing Kit to help you do that together– during lockdown and beyond! It’s full of fun activities and tips which encourage your child to; think about how using technology makes them feel, form healthy digital habits, find a balance that works for them.Click the document below to access the family activities.

Suggested by one of the Educational Psychologists, this children's books explains some of the new language which children may be hearing such as flattening the curve. It is more suitable for KS2 children. Resources to boost your child's wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown from Partnership for Children.

Being in lockdown can effect everyone differently.  Children and adolescent Mental Health Services have put together a website of resources to support mental health and well being.  CAMHS resources 


At this time more than ever, pausing for a little moment is very important for our mental health.  School Assemblies have produced a series of short video clips which share with you some thoughts from the Bible, life at it is at the moment as well as helping us realise we are all very lucky - even at the moment.  

They only take a moment and will give you a chance to sit and reflect.  There is a new one produced each day.  Perhaps you could add this into your daily routine. 

A lovely little story to share all about why we are staying at home at the moment to stay safe.