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A school family rooted in God’s love

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Daily Routines

In a morning

The doors open at 8:40am and close for registration at 8:50am. During these 10mins children should hang their coat up and put their bag away. Reception children are welcome to invite their parents into our classroom at the start of the school year, during which time they can share their learning, show them around the classroom and write their name on their own whiteboard. Year one and two children are encouraged to come into school and complete their morning routine independently.



Each day we have a school assembly where we learn about different Christian stories and values, take part in peer massage and celebrate our successes.


English including communication and language

During this time children will share stories, texts and poetry. They will learn how to spell words and write sentences and as they progress into Key Stage One, they will begin to write for a variety of different purposes including traditional tales, poetry with alliteration and information booklets. The children will also spend time doing guided reading where they read the story and take about what has happened, what might happen next and recalling key facts.


10:15 morning break

The children mix with children from Reception, all the way up to year 6 which works very well as it gives the younger children an opportunity to see good role models whilst the older children take on additional responsibilities.



Children learn how to say the sounds that a letter(s) make use this knowledge to help them read and write. Please see our phonic page for more information.


One to One reading

Children read to Miss Corney or Mrs Eastwood each week on a 1:1 basis. During this time we will check how well they are recognising words and ask them questions to check they have a good understanding of what they have read. The other children have milk whilst listening to story or doing show and tell with Mrs Morley.



In Reception, children learn how to count, complete simple additions and subtractions and identify shapes and their basic properties. As they progress into year one and two they will learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and develop their mental maths to help them solving mathematical problems.


Lunch time

Lunch is served in the dinner hall with the option of packed lunches or hot dinners. Mrs Morley is one of our welfare assistants which is really reassuring for children when they start school in Reception as there is always a familiar face around.



In the afternoons we spend time learning about our current topic which will have links with Geography, History and Science. Children also use the schools laptops during ICT, take part in PE in the school hall or playground and enjoy learning about music, PSHE and RE.



Children are taught how to form their letters making sure that letters with tails hang below the line and tall letters stand up high.


Continuous Provision

Along side this, Reception children have access to the continuous provision both indoors and outdoors. This includes a role play, books, small world, water, sand, creative, ICT, construction, bikes and much more! Year one and two children also have the opportunity to use the provision, however to focus them there are challenges around the room which they are encouraged to complete to extend their learning.


3:30 home time.