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Key Stage One Phonics

Phonics in Year One and Two



The importance and quality of phonics continues into Key Stage One. Children continue to receive a phonics lesson each day and they build upon what they have learnt in Reception.


By Year 1 children start to learn that some letters or groups of letters can make an alternative sound. The children then apply this by reading words with the alternative sounds in them and then attempting to write them.


Later in Year One and mainly in Year Two children will be introduced to suffixes (word endings such as -ed, -ing) and prefixes (start of words such as un-, dis-). They will also learn about writing in the past and present tense and some children will move onto writing in the future tense.


The skills the children learn in phonics in the infants will continue to form a solid foundation which they will continue to work on throughout their school life and even as an adult there will be occasions when they will go back to basics and sound out as they did in Reception.